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Why Consistent Branding is Beneficial

August 6, 2018

While many people are more than willing to jump into their field and build up a noticeable platform, one major factor must always be considered. Namely, the idea of branding and a specific audience must be kept in mind so that the creator has a certain idea of who their content should cater to. This relieves a great amount of guess work and, more importantly, gives the individual a chance to make their specified audience know exactly why his or her product fulfills their needs. Any sudden changes would leave the customers confused and unable to continue a strong bond with the product he or she is selling and the audience gained.


Make Them Feel Welcome

A company’s initial brand, logo, mission statement, “About us” page, etc. immediately sets up the stage for what the company is meant to do. Whether it’s to provide quality customer service or assist through other means, a first impression leaves curious customers with some type of tangible idea on 2 major ideas: 1) What the company is trying to achieve, on both a customer service level and a personal one and 2) Whether this company can help me with what I, the buyer, want to get done.

Thus, as a business leader and a seller of some product / service, you only have one chance to make a strong impression from the onset. This is your biggest opportunity to cement your status as the “primary leader” of your market or industry, and that the customers who are interested should be learning more about your company for their own benefit; primarily, it is them who are benefiting from this transaction, and you are simply willing to assist them accomplish their goals. Creating a positive relationship off the bat, even if it is a subconscious “Wow, this company looks professional” trail of thought, will give you a huge boost in building yourself up further down the line.


Reel Them In

Once you have an audience attracted towards what you’re offering, it’s time to set the rest of the stage: creating a proper brand and sticking firmly to it. But why exactly is this so important?

Imagine that you stopped by a store that has been well-known around the area for having high quality customer service, to the point where they may mention it in their brand slogan. After stepping in and asking for assistance, however, both the workers and the manager in charge refuse to help you and force you to leave the store for being difficult to work with. As a customer, your initial feelings would most likely center around frustration, confusion, anger and a feeling of having been cheated of their company’s promise to you.
Having a consistent line of thought for branding is what allows your company to survive in the long run. Offering promises and giving a nice first impression definitely helps to get the ball rolling, but it requires a long-time, firm commitment on the company’s behalf to own up to its word and keep outside perspectives viewing in in a positive light. Having your brand being open to possible interpretation can lead to possible confusion and mistrust and gives your company a much more difficult time in having committed customers, as they’ll no longer be sure of what they initially signed up for.


Taking It Up a Notch

Aside from keeping your company grounded and going for the near future, developing a consistent brand gives your organization a much-needed edge above the competition in the market. When a brand has become reputable for developing a certain reputation, such as being known for loyal support and high quality service, it allows the organization to have a much easier time pitching to newer audiences or customers. If a stranger on the street were to pick between two separate groups catering to the same product or service, the winner would most likely turn out to be the company that has already developed an image throughout the years.

Creating notable designs or logos, having a marketable slogan or developing a no-questions-asked mission statement throughout the years, etc. is what lets your brand leave its impact amongst the mass market. By developing a company well-known for its assets, it allows you to cater and control perception from the customer’s point of view, build upon your own past work accomplishments and present a polished image that you can maintain.

Most importantly of all however, is that you need to know your audience. If you have an idea of the demographic interested in what you’re selling, you can construct a certain image or branding style that directly influences their perception of your company. Thus, maintaining a consistent image when catering to a specific group is absolutely essential; it allows you to target their interests and keep up a positive relationship for longer periods of time, which will in turn give you much greater customer approval. Understanding your customer pool is key to making sure your brand knows what its greatest strength is, and how to specifically cater that strength towards the people that will help make your brand a success.

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