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The Importance of an Online Brand

July 23, 2018

Any company that is attempting to make it far in their respective market has to understand how an online brand works. Knowing how customers view the brand, how the brand comes off in terms of appearance and mission and how effective your branding is are the best ways to make sure your customers can see you and see you well.

Why Go Online

We’ve spoken in the past about the ways to conquer online marketing, but businesses need a solid structure to work with before spreading the word. Otherwise, they won’t be able to make it far before they’re overshadowed by the competition.

With the spread of digital media, online branding is a must. The methods are quicker, the word travels faster and most of the strength of the website’s reach is under your control. Because of its ease of access, the internet and its various social media platforms have become prime advertising grounds for people to try and gain the upper hand.

Divide and Conquer

Because social media comes and goes in different forms, it allows your company a chance to advertise in various ways. Using Instagram? You’ll have to promote primarily from a visual medium, so you’ll be able to focus more on photography and video production of your company, the team, the products or services, spoken customer reviews, etc. Using Facebook? You’ll have the capability of posting much longer blocks and texts and formally spreading the word through advertisements or status updates. You’ll be able to create events and groups and invite prospective customers or trusted workers. Using Twitter? You now have a chance to use hashtags and create easy-to-read promotional blocks in 280 words for less (which can also be used in other areas as well!)

It’s no longer about just knowing people and trying to give people a business card. Online presence gives everyone and every business a way to handle all parts of their brand, from photography to about me pages to different ways in showing customer reviews. If you have a comprehensive knowledge of these media handles and what you’re offering, you can combine the two into generating multiple branding formats. This provides maximum advertising / coverage for your brand; don’t be afraid to utilize all the platforms available!

Especially Easier For Everyone

If you meet someone in real life and manage to connect with a successful sales pitch, how will you contact them afterwards? Use email campaigns and social media to reach across to customers; this provides quicker and easier communication on both ends. Additionally, said customer will be able to see your online presence and what you offer in a more efficient manner. You control what content you put online and what your customers can view, so it’ll be easier than ever to show off your very best to everyone passing by.

Another example would be trying to spread newsletters or contact information. What would be faster: handing out business cards, or using MailChimp to provide a mass email campaign to your contacts? You’ll be able to certify your standing as a strong company that produces great results, if you choose to come across in such a way. Social media gives you the chance to define your own online brand – that’s what makes it so versatile and so effective.

With all that in mind, online branding is our specialty. If you’re feeling confused, we at iCatch can help you with your company’s branding needs! Give us a call!

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