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Restroom Advertising: How to Get the Highest Attention Rate in the World of Marketing

July 27, 2015

Thinking outside the box in product marketing means more than redesigning the packaging or changing a slogan. In order to get ahead in such a competitive market, one must channel creativity and innovation to approach and conceptualize problems in ways that have previously been ignored. Where can you see examples of this innovation in the business world? You will find it in places you least expect it. p2see is a new form of product marketing that takes thinking outside the box to a whole new level by redesigning restroom advertising.

What are promotional products?

Promotional products are items that display an advertisement or call-to-action message for a specific company, brand, or item. Promotional products are an important and efficient way to reach your target audience as well as continue to be a constant reminder to consumers of your product or service that you offer. Brand recognition relies on consistent and repeated exposure, and promotional products do just that.

Are promotional products effective?

Promotional products show staggering effects of recall and retention. 89% of consumers could recall the advertiser of a promotional product they had received in the past two years.  However, spending time and resources into developing products that can easily be thrown away is a risky marketing strategy. p2see changes the way promotional products are given to the public by creating an interactive message that consumers see on the go, and cannot be tossed in the trash.

What is p2see?

p2see is a promotional product that is unlike any logo bearing pen, calendar, or coffee mug you have seen. The p2see sticker brings branding to the bathroom in the form of a client-customized sticker that is placed inside a urinal. It is heat-activated, which allows for a client’s customized brand image or call to action appear when urinated on. Once the urinal is flushed, the image will disappear and will be ready to re-surface with the next user. The sticker is able to let an image appear and disappear about 4,000 times. After this time, the sticker can easily be removed and replaced. p2see stickers are a cost effective and innovative way to reach a wide audience of consumers. They are an interactive multi-market promotional product that allows clients to collaborate and cross-promote preferred vendors, services, and special offers.

Why use the restroom for advertising?

In using restrooms, the inventors of p2see realized that the advertising space in the urinal was not used to its full potential. Throughout Europe, the sing basin is widely used for themed promotional purposes, but not advertising messages. p2see capitalizes on this under utilized marketing space. Research found that the average male spends up to 40 seconds at a urinal, providing an average of 84% consumer attention rate, meaning that 84% remembered details of the ads. The restroom is one of the last places where we are not distracted by other media or conversation, which allows it to be an extremely effective place for promotional advertising.

What makes indoor advertising with p2see different than other promotional products?

Not only are p2see stickers cost effective, innovative, and wide reaching, but they are memorable due to their interactive nature and unique design that serve as a permanent brand message. For the Germania beer brand the p2see marketing campaign increased sales by 300% at point of sales campaign. “These guys are great! They go out of their way to create an amazing user experience and increased my ROI drastically with their sticker campaign for my brewery” – Karl Peysakhovich, owner of  Germania. Not only does p2see allow you to promote your product in an area where no competitors have gone before, but it also increases restroom cleanliness and decreases cleaning costs. According to an article published in the New York Times about a study at the JFK Airport, placing even a single image inside a urinal will reduce spillage by 80%, and results in a decrease of cleaning costs by 60%. In addition, the urinals can be cleaned with conventional cleaning products without effecting the stickers’ lifespan or visibility, so specialized cleaning supplies will not have to be purchased.

When deciding on which marketing tools and promotional products you want to share with the public, remember to look for a new and innovative medium, an eye-catching image, and cost effective items that are long-lasting and increase brand awareness.

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