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How to Use Your Website as a Sales Tool

May 15, 2015

A website represents your business and very often is the first impression a potential client gets from your company. Every sales representative knows how important the initial contact is to close the deal. Just like a sales presentation, your internet presence should guide the customer through the sales flow. Online there are some important questions to be answered:

  • How much time will a user spend on your website?
  • What will he click on first?
  • What device will he use to open the site?
  • What browser will he use?
  • How did he find your website and what exactly is he looking for?

To answer these questions, certain key factors have to be considered


Today more than 50% of users open websites on mobile devices. In some industries like online shops the average can rise up to 80%. This trend makes responsive website inevitable. It is vital that your website displays correctly on any device and is adjusted to stay user friendly.

User friendliness

The bounce rate measures if users stay on your website long enough to receive the information that you want to give to them. The more user friendly the website, the lower the bounce rate. A potential customer should not have to think about where to click next. He has to be guided through the website. You decide what he sees first and what he sees next. You talk to him through your design and functionality of the website and lead him to the sale.


A clean design makes your customer feel comfortable. Different colors, shapes and fonts trigger different subconscious emotions in people. Every industry uses different styles for good reasons. Insurance companies for example use different shades of blue and clear, simple and hard edges fonts. As the website is often the first impression of your business, this influences what we think about you. Let your design make your presence known to the customer at first glance.


ROI is why you are in business. Even though your job might be your passion, without a profit there is no movement. The reason you have a website is because you want to turn a user into a customer. The better the user experience, the higher the conversion rate. At any given time when you your potential browses your website, the call to action to buy, finding a way to contact you or taking further actions should not be more than just a click away. Keep it simple. An easy and convenient user experience to get him what he wants is the key.

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