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Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

July 21, 2016

We hear it time and time again – social media is no longer optional for your business. We are told to find a targeted audience and do whatever we can to reach them through various platforms. It sounds fairly simple but many businesses struggle to do this successfully. Here are some quick do’s and don’ts of social media for business.

Do post frequently

Post consistently! Your audience expects new and engaging content and the only way to avoid keeping them on their toes is to make consistent and relevant posts. This keeps your business fresh in their minds with great and sharable content. The more you post, the more likely you’ll be able to reach your audience.

Quick tip: create a posting schedule of 1-2 times a day depending on which social media platform you use. This keeps you up to date and accountable for your posts.

Don’t post on ALL platforms

This is just unnecessary and too time-consuming. Pinpoint the social media platforms your audience is most likely to be using and aligns best with your business. For example, a clothing brand could have a Snapchat to post behind-the-scenes snaps of photoshoots but it wouldn’t make sense for a law firm.

Quick tip: stick with only 2-3 social media platforms. This allows you to spend more time on the ones you choose and create quality over quantity.

Do be personal

It’s great to present yourself in only a professional and formal matter but occasionally interacting with your audience in a lighthearted fashion makes your brand seem more likable. Appeal to your audience’s emotions and share a story.

Although it is important to humanize your business, some things are simply better left unsaid. Maintain your brand identity and understand the fine line between endearing and overwhelming.

Quick tip: an easy and simple way to be more personal with your brand is to do staff spotlights. Ask staff members a question or two and share a photo. This is personal but still interesting and engaging.

Don’t ignore your audience

The content you create and the success of your brand ultimately relies on your audience. It’s very easy to create your posts and leave it up to the digital space but it’s important to be proactive and engaging. If your audience has a question, reply!

Find out what topics your audience is interested in and appeal to them. Was there a post that your audience particularly liked and had a lot of engagement? Analyze what your audience enjoyed about that particular post and try to recreate the response.

Quick tip: reshare popular posts again later to reach your newer audience that could also be interested.

Do have fun

Be innovative and try new ideas! If something isn’t working or your social media engagement isn’t as great as you’ll like, be open to try a different strategy.

Quick tip: have a quick brainstorming session with the team if you’re ever in a rut. Team members can see different sides of the business than you and can provide insight. If this won’t work, ask your audience! Create a poll and ask for feedback.

Social media for business is not cookie-cutter and definitely not one size fits all. Strategize how your business wants to approach social media and with these quick tips, you’ll be on the right track in no time. Need more guidance? iCatch Marketing provides many tools and resources to help you with all things social media.

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