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7 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Traffic

March 22, 2016

Today, your company’s online presence is the number one indicator of the future growth of your business. For your company to make it today, you have to be sure that your website is receiving enough traffic from potential customers. I’m sure you’ve heard the term SEO thrown around here and there, and how it’s so important for driving traffic to your website, but do you really understand what SEO is? SEO stands for search engine optimization. How does this benefit you and your company? In simplest terms, when you go to search for something on Google you want the best results. Something that fits the criteria of exactly what you’re looking for spot on. Our buddy Google does just that. They use a specific algorithm and process to determine what search results best fit your inquiry. The key for your company is to have all the correct ingredients on your website. A website that’s search engine optimized can be the difference between appearing on the first page of a google search compared to second or third page. Making sure you’re equipped with the right tools and proper knowledge can help ensure that your company’s site is establishing a dominant online presence and gaining sufficient traffic. Here are 7 different ways to drive more traffic to your company’s website.

Mobile Friendly

Today, mobile devices account for browsing the internet over 52% of the time according to Tech Crunch. What does that mean for your company? Making sure your website is optimized for a pleasant desktop experience, as well as smartphones and tablets. A.k.a.: mobile friendly. Google will actually “punish” your company’s site if it’s not mobile friendly by not even showing your business in it’s search rankings if a customer is searching on a mobile device. That’s 52% of people that your company’s website has no chance of reaching if it’s not mobile friendly. Browsing your site should be easy and user friendly for the consumer to avoid frustrations and higher bounce rates. So make sure your website is responsive to ensure the highest reach to potential customers.


Like we just discussed above in the SEO section, key words are vital in producing an effective SEO website. This is where you need to get into the mindset of your consumer and think like someone who is going to search for a company or service like yours. What phrases and words are they using to find what they are looking for? Once you’ve come up with a list, make sure to use those words throughout your website. This includes using these keywords in your titles and links. Keep in mind that these keywords cannot just be thrown around and repeated a thousand times, they have to be used in the correct context to enrich your content. Finding the perfect balance of what keywords to include throughout your content without becoming redundant is crucial.


As we talked before, new original content is essential in driving traffic to your company’s website. Developing a blog allows your company to be seen in a new light to your customers. The great thing about a blog is you can write about new ideas, thoughts, and categories that may not be fitting for other pages of your website. Blogs also allow you to create fresh and unique material more frequently that’s appealing to your customers and Google while being super easy to manage. This gives your business the opportunity boost your relationship with your customers while truly explaining why your company is an expert at what you do.

Social Media

Social media has become a very prominent way to reach out to customers in so many different ways. There’s basically a social network that suits just about every business out there. From Facebook to LinkedIn, they each have their own special qualities, and if used correctly these networks can really increase the traffic your website receives. Social media provides ample amount of versatility with what you can post, whether it’s a video or a link, and you can route the user straight to your site. This is a great way to incorporate sharing your blog, allowing it to gain even more exposure as well as your company. Social media can provide your company a quick and easy way to express exciting company news and share instant updates while reaching an impressive amount of people. Another great thing about social media is that it also shows the search engines that the web is talking about your company. This makes your company appear more valuable to the search engines, helping improve your Google ranking.

Shareable Content

Sharing your company’s content can be extremely effective and escalate website exposure. In order for this to happen, you need to make sure that all of your content you want shared can be done so in an easy, quick way. If it’s too complicated to share your company’s content, this can lead to frustration for the consumer, which in end leaves the content that you wanted to be shared high and dry. Keep it simple, and make sure that the content always has the link to the company’s site, or better yet, it automatically brings the consumer straight to your site with just a click.

Marketing Materials

Now just because we live in a digital age, this doesn’t mean print marketing materials have no value. Marketing materials provide a great way for your customers to get a feel of what your company can provide them and examples of previous work you’ve already done. Designing your marketing materials to appropriately represent your business in a sharp way can really create a lasting impression. Business cards for example, give a potential customer a tangible method of remembering you and your company, and a way to connect for further information. Having your website printed on all of your marketing materials is a great method for inflating your site’s traffic.

Call to Action

Having a call to action is extremely important when it comes to surging your site’s traffic. Establishing what you want from your customers on all of your marketing strategies is a must. Whether it’s on your social media or printed marketing materials, your goal is to increase the traffic on your site. Make sure your call to action is easily understood and can be easily executed within a couple of seconds. Let it be known in a clear, visible area that you want your potential customer to check out your website and take a gander at what your company has to offer. This also applies for your website. You want your customer to understand and know the purpose of your site in the easiest way possible. Whether you want to make a sale or inform your customer about a service you provide, make sure your call to actions are obvious and easily executed for the best possible conversion results.

Although there is much more to SEO than content, the right keywords, social media, and blog posts, these 7 steps help will help bring much more traffic to your site. By taking these 7 steps into consideration for your company’s site, you’re bound to increase the traffic in an easier and cheaper manner by building a strong SEO campaign to help your company become that much more successful.

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