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6 Components to Your Perfect Website

July 31, 2015

The importance of web development and design to the success of your business cannot be overstated. Your website is where prospective customers get their first impression of you. Your perfect site will present an image of quality and capability, leading your business to attract customers and grow quickly.

The Hero Shot

You need to make your product or service immediately recognizable to prospective customers browsing your website. The way to do this is via a photo or perhaps a video showing what it is you provide in the best possible light. This should be one of the first things your customers see. It should stand out and hold their attention. The hero shot is a dominant aspect of your page as well as a tool for easy visual communication. You can also use your hero shot in other materials to help develop brand recognition.

A Solid Message

The best marketing is clear, strong, and concise – and that is how you want to introduce yourself. What is the purpose of your site, your company, your products? Your website needs to provide a solid message that immediately shows who you are and what you do to your potential customers. Most importantly, what makes you unique? Remember that people have a limited attention span. If they remember nothing else, this message is what you want them to remember about you. Keep it simple because a first impression matters.

Quality Content

Most of your website is going to be about content, content, content. You now have a lot more space to fill with your message, your products, your services, and whatever else you want. Still, you should remain clear, strong, and concise in your business marketing. There is nothing wrong with providing information, but pick and choose what to include. Focus on the quality of your content. Your customer should be able to find the answer to whatever they want to know within a reasonable amount of time and without a difficult search. If they cannot find what they are looking for quickly, they will leave your site. You want them to have an easy time navigating your page.

Appealing Design

Of course the best text will not be read if it is not properly formatted or if it clashes with other parts of your page. Your website’s design needs to be held to the same high standards as your content. The visual appeal of your website is incredibly important, and so it is a huge part of web development design. Aspects like layout, color scheme and font choice can all work together to make your website feel coherent. They communicate the image you wish to present as your business. The right combination will wow potential customers and assure them that they have found what they are looking for on your website.

Ease of Use

Your perfect website must be more than functional, it must be easy to use. Your website design should not be cluttered, confusing, or hard to see. It should be simple and intuitive for the user. Your page should be responsive to the device opening it too. Whether your target audience is looking for you on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, they should have the same great experience while browsing. User-friendliness cannot be overstated.


Finally, your perfect website is one that lots of people see. Get the word out there! The way to make sure yours is seen when potential customers search for a business like yours is by implementing search engine optimization (SEO). It means when someone searches (e.g. using Google) for a service or product that you offer, the most relevant page – yours! – shows up nearer to the top. Your page will be more visible, because it is search engine friendly. Your traffic will increase and more potential customers will find your page.

In conclusion, your perfect website is all about getting attention with the best marketing and website design, being clear and concise with text and design, and considering what your potential customers want.

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